I am committed to standing up for southern Illinois in the General Assembly.

Southern Illinois Schools

Standing Up for

Local Control of Schools

Chicago and Springfield are working tirelessly to push politically-motivated curriculum into our classrooms.  Recent legislative actions mandate that our schools provide graphic sex education for our children. 

As a father of 4, I will stand up for southern Illinois families by pushing against these far-left priorities, and defend our children.

School systems are always best served at the local level.  When we elect our neighbors to local school boards, we do so with an expectation that the education of our children is being controlled by people that we know and trust.  Not super-majority Democrats who live hours from our homes.  

These curriculum issues are not a theory for me, they are issues I navigate daily with my own children.  I will work tirelessly to protect our kids from agendas that do not reflect our southern Illinois values.

Standing Up for


I am proud to have started a company that has created good-paying jobs for our neighbors here in Southern Illinois.  That company, Smith Hafeli, has grown over the years to perform work in several states.  This multi-state experience gives me first-hand knowledge of red-tape and bureaucracies around our country.  

I know what works – and I know what does not work.  

Illinois’ business climate is not a theory to me, it is a world I navigate daily.  These experiences uniquely equip me to be an effective leader and advocate for Southern Illinois job creation.

Open Southern Illinois Business
Southern Illinois law enforcement

Standing Up for

Law Enforcement

Our communities can only prosper when they are safe. Our communities can only be safe if they have funded and supported police departments. Legislation passed during the past two years has severely hurt law enforcement’s ability to do their job. I fully support the repeal of HB 3653, and will always support legislation that gives the men and women who protect and serve us the ability to do their job.

“I believe in freedom. I believe that in order for anything else to work in our society we have to be free.”


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